Shot Tracer Eagle | Indoor | Gunshot Detection Systems

Cable directly to your alarm panel or receive IP notifications via Verizon Wireless or Vodafone.

  • Single Unit Detection Range: 2,500 to 5,000 sq. ft
  • 100 feet between units in a hallway
  • No operating system = cannot be hacked and cannot be compromised by malware and viruses
  • Integrate with existing camera infrastructure (can pull power from PoE switch without touching network using a PoE power splitter)
  • Internal battery backup should commercial power fail

  • No call center required
  • No server required (removes single point of failure potential)

Eagle AP (Contact Closure)

The Shot Tracer Eagle AP is our basic contact closure gunshot detection sensor.

  • Integrates into facility's existing alarm panel.
  • When a shooting takes place, an immediate alert is sent to the facility's alarm panel.
  • Provides alarm company with time, location, and if it was a single or multiple gunshot event.

Eagle IP (Cellular Network / Verizon or Vodafone)

The Shot Tracer Eagle IP is our cellular gunshot detection sensor.

  • Operates over Verizon Wireless LTE within the US, or Vodafone globally.
  • Also able to integrate with facility's existing alarm panel
  • Easily setup and customize your contact alert list for SMS, email, and JSON formatted alerts
  • When a shooting takes place, an alert notification is sent to the cloud and then on to the persons set up under the notification list.
  • Provides time, location, and number of shots
  • Add PAN Wireless option to allow pairing with other wireless sensors

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