Hawk Outdoor Gunshot Detection Systems

The Shot Tracer Hawk is our gunshot detection system for outdoor coverage.

Hawk AP (Contact Closure)

Integrates into facility's existing alarm panel via contact closure outputs.

  • When a shooting takes place, an immediate alert is sent to the facility's alarm panel.
  • Provides alarm company with time, location, and if it was a single or multiple gunshot event.
  • No required monthly service costs

SKU: 360-200-2000

Hawk IP (Cellular Network / Verizon or Vodafone)

Sends alerts over Verizon Wireless (USA) or Vodafone (Global).

  • When a shooting takes place, an alert notification is sent to the cloud and then on to the persons set up under the notification list.
  • Provides time, location, and number of shots
  • Contacts on the notification list are set up by the customer
  • Can include local law enforcement and surrounding medical facilities
  • Required monthly service costs
  • No server required

SKU: 360-200-2010

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