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Hawk AP (Contact Closure)

Integrates into facility's existing alarm panel via contact closure outputs.

  • When a shooting takes place, an immediate alert is sent to the facility's alarm panel.
  • Provides alarm company with time, location, and if it was a single or multiple gunshot event.

  • No call center required
  • No server required

The Shot Tracer Hawk is our gunshot detection system for outdoor coverage.

  • Pistol Detection Range (9mm & .45 ACP): 60 to 100ft (18 to 30m)

  • Rifle Detection Range (AR15 & AK47): approx. 300ft (100m)

Hawk IP (Cellular Network / Verizon or Vodafone)

Sends alerts over Verizon Wireless (USA) or Vodafone (Global).

  • Easily setup and customize your contact alert list for SMS, email, and JSON formatted alerts
  • Provides time, location, and number of shots
  • Integrate with existing camera infrastructure

  • No call center required
  • No server required

Gunshot Simulator Kit

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