AMAS® Remote Telemetry Unit

We are excited to announce the release of our newest product in the AMAS product line: the Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)!

Introducing the AMAS Remote Telemetry Unit, a versatile monitoring solution designed for seamless accessibility. Featuring integrated battery backup, optional LAN connectivity, and monitoring capabilities for 2 input lines, 2 output lines, and 2 analog channels, it also boasts built-in temperature and humidity sensors with commercial power failure alerts. Expand functionality with 8 additional inputs, outputs, or analog channels for just $250 each. Communicate effortlessly via cellular, satellite, or LAN. Enjoy user-friendly interfaces accessible on iOS, Android, and web-view portals, ensuring convenient monitoring from anywhere.

Choose from affordable annual plans starting at $150/year for cellular, $300/year for satellite, or $100/year for LAN. Adaptability and accessibility at your fingertips.

Pro Package Includes:

(1) AMAS Remote Telemetry Unit with Chosen Service Type

(2) Antennas

(1) 15V Power supply

(1) 7' Network Cable

(1) 7' USB Cable

(1) Temperature and humidity probe on a 7' network cable

(1) 7' USB to USB Mini Cable

(1) Standard Mounting Hardware

Note: Dealer discounts are available!

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AMAS Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU): $750.00

SKU: 360-220-3100

AMAS RTU Input Expansion Module: $250

SKU: 360-220-5005

AMAS RTU Output Expansion Module: $250

SKU: 360-220-5006

AMAS RTU Analog Expansion Module


SKU: 360-220-5007

AMAS RTU External Battery Module


SKU: 360-220-XXXX