Stop worrying about your tower site(s) and remote equipment stations.

Know exactly what is going on as soon as it happens.

Tower site on top of a mountain? We've got something for that...

>> Receive still image pictures to your Android or iOS device when motion is detected

Details you can keep an eye on with a single site monitor:

  • IP-67 Rated
  • 1 - External Temperature
  • 1 - Internal Humidity
  • 1 - Power Fail Sensor (sends alert after 10 minutes of commercial power failure)
  • 1 - 2000mA/Hr internal battery for 24+ hours of backup power operation

  • 2 - 0 to 2.5V or 0 to 100V DC Analog Inputs
  • 2- Contact Closure Inputs
  • 2- Latched Outputs

  • Cellular Reporting on Verizon Wireless or Vodafone
  • Required Service Plan: $120/year ($10/month)

Access and manage your account though our web management portal or through the Android or iOS app

Quickly and easily view and edit:

  • High/Low data over 30 day period
  • High/Low alarm trigger levels
  • Current Data Readings

*= only takes a still image or records when the system is ARMED

Note: Discounts are available for payments made by check or wire transfer. 

Call (406) 203-1955 or email Annemarie for more information.

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