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Stop worrying about your luggage and who is in your hotel room while you're out

Keep tabs on your room wherever you are and receive alerts of threats and intrusions

Portable Security Monitor for Those Who Travel

>> Receive still image pictures to your Android or iOS device when motion is detected*
>> Gain more insight into motion events by reviewing the recorded video*
      (video saved internally on monitor SD card)*

Details you can keep an eye on with a single security monitor:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Motion
  • Power Loss
  • Location (through integrated GPS)

Additional Sensors to Integrate with your system:

  • Luggage Movement Sensor (Location available in cellular option)
  • Panic Button
  • Door Motion

Access and manage your account through:

  • Web management portal
  • Android app
  • iOS app

*= only takes a still image or records when the system is ARMED

SKU: 360-220-1200