LinkTDS Full License

Faster Time-To-Live

With LinkTDS, gateway configuration and discovery is automated, so there is no time-consuming first-run tasks. Set up your operators, turn the system on, and talk. It really is that simple.

Less Configuration Hassle

System administrators and IT employees don’t need to go through a painful configuration process to get the system up and running. This allows administrators to better focus on which tasks & resources to assign to operators.


All internal communication protocols are standards-based, which allows extended compatibility with 3rd-party systems and devices.


With LinkTDS, there is no server to maintain, which means no central point of failure. The system is distributed and highly available, which makes it perfect for tactical applications.

User-Oriented Design

LinkTDS was designed with the end-user in mind. It takes less time to train new users, and leads to more efficient system operation. Higher system efficiency means less stress on the operators, which increases productivity during critical periods of heavy use.


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