MSAT-G2 Handi-Remote Handset Extender

The MSAT Handi-Remote allows you conveniently operate your MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Push to Talk Radio system. This interface enables the handset and MSAT-G2 radio to be separated by up to 4000 feet utilizing standard CAT-5/5E network cable.

Installation is as easy as plugging both the handset and radio into the Handi-Remote modules and connecting a CAT-5/5E cable run between the two Handi-Remote modules. No configuration or adjustments are necessary to get your MSAT-G2 up and operational. Everything you need to get both ends extended are included with the kit, all you provide is a CAT-5/5E cable run between the two units. Power is provided by the MSAT-G2 on the radio end and +12V power is required on the handset end (power module included).


  • Utilizes Cat-5, Cat-5E or Cat-6, 4 pair cable
  • Plug and Play operation. No adjustments are necessary to make the system operate
  • Full handset operation without any lost features. PTT and telephone operations will operate as though the handset is plugged into the radio locally
  • No special programming or setup required
  • All necessary parts included. No special tools needed for installation. Simply plugs into an RJ-45 connector on each end and handset begins working
  • Powered with an included +12V DC power supply on the handset end. Locally powered by ‘G2 radio on the radio end
  • Radio side unit attaches to the G2 radio mounting bracket supplies with your ‘G2 radio


SKU: 360-230-1000

Orders Include:

  • Handi-Remote
  • 1' Network Cable
  • +12V DC Power Supply
  • External Speaker (as pictured above)
  • Handi-Remote Manual

Handi-Remote Manual

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