Complete, deployment ready, radio interoperability package designed to fit the radios you already have and use in the field. Packages can hold a maximum of four mobile radios and has an integrated interoperability, user interface (through the TCB-4 Mobile). The TCB-4 Mobile has individual select, multi-select, patch, simplex repeater, and duplex repeater operational modes, allowing for a single user interface. Packages have an integrated Sierra Wireless, certified FirstNet Ready router for secure cellular and WiFi connectivity for responders.

Packages are designed for simplicity - allowing user's the choice of radio installation by Tracer staff or themselves.

Tactical TCB-4 Package: Model M(obile) | Radio Interoperability


SKU: 360-205-1200

Radio Interface Cables

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Full Deployment Package: Model P

Standalone Option - TCB-4 Mobile


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