PJ-7 Dispatch Terminal

  • ELO 15" TouchPanel with Windows™ 10
  • Minisforum Computer
  • 2 Internal Speakers (selected & unselected audio)
  • Internalized PJ-7 unit
  • Vesa-mount capable

  • Front Inputs: Microphone, PJ-7 Headset, Selected & Unselected Volume, and Mute Group Dial
  • Back Inputs: 12V Power, Foot Pedal, External Speakers, and Cross Mute Inputs

SKU: 360-310-1000S -- PJ-7 Terminal

WITH LinkTDS Software License

SKU: 360-310-1000 -- PJ-7 Terminal


PJ-7 Dispatch Terminal

Whether in the office or the field, Tracer's NEW PJ-7 with LinkTDS Dispatch Terminal* provides a rugged solution with minimal setup required.

Computer Aided Dispatch just got easier. 

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Full LinkTDS License