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TCB-1 | Radio Interoperability Gateway

The Tactical Communications Bridge-1 is the first in a line of products that offers a solution to your communications interoperability needs.

The TCB-1 is a lightweight portable unit that is easily configured in the field. It supports two radio ports and operates from 12VDC with the AC adapter included. Standard options include digital audio delay, DTMF control, and powerful DSP based digital audio interface. The TCB-1’s friendly user interface allows operators to control the connection between the radio ports with just a flick of a switch.

When operating the TCB-1, a local speaker and microphone port is available for local operation, without compromising the number of available radio ports. Housed with a 5 watt 1.6” speaker, the TCB-1 provides plenty of audio for use in a noisy environment.

Perfect for smaller first responders and public safety agencies, the TCB-1 is an affordable solution to interoperability without sacrificing features.


  • Interoperability solution for different protocol radios
  • Rapid field deployment during emergency operations
  • Homeland Security and Search & Rescue applications
  • Radio cross-band controller with two separate radio ports
  • Three-second adaptive audio delay prevents missing the beginning of transmissions.
  • Built-in repeater controller with simplex/duplex modes
  • Includes 2 ports and RS-232 Serial control port
  • Easy interfacing utilizing the built-in radio database

Easily see what mode the TCB-1 is currently operating under with a quick glance at the LCD color.

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