Tracer Technology Systems

Dedicated to improving public safety through its product lines.

AMAS™: Advanced Monitoring & Alerting Systems

Radio Gateway/RoIP & Emergency Communications Products

Tracer Technology provides durable, high-quality radio communications and interoperability solutions proudly made in Montana, USA. Product offerings include: Tactical Communications Bridge (TCB) products, IP Communicator, and PJ-7 products, as well as vTrunk and LinkTDS software. Whether you're handling an emergency/disaster or working with other agencies and jurisdictions, efficient communications shouldn't be a concern. Our products' quality and longevity speak for themselves. When communication is critical to public safety and response, Tracer's interoperability solutions have you covered. View all of our Radio Gateway/RoIP and Emergency Communications products ❯

MSAT-G2 Products

Tracer's MSAT Product Family provides customers with user-friendly interfacing accessories for the MSAT-G2 radios. Proudly based in Billings Montana, Tracer's MSAT interfacing accessories provide rugged support in harsh environments. Reap the full benefits of your MSAT-G2 with MSAT interfacing accessories by Tracer Technology. View all of our MSAT products ❯